3memo: 3-character aliases for the Web 日本語

Everyone uses TinyURL and bit.ly these days, but nobody can remember cryptic 6-character strings generated by these services.
3memo allows you to use more user-friendly mnemonic-based URL shorthands which you can easily remember and use on any Web browser.


If you want to browse a Web page with a long URL like windsurfingkamasutra.com, you can make a short alias of this URL by accessing http://yourname.3memo.com/wsf and register the long URL under the name of “wsf”. You can do the same thing with TinyURL, but automatically generated URLs like http://tinyurl.com/39bqy2 is impossible to remember. Using 3memo, the only thing you have to remember is the 3-character string keyword “wsf”, and you can jump to any URL by registering the URL with the short name. As long as you remember this site and a 3-character keword like “wsf”, you can easily access the URL from any Web browser.


$Date: 2008-06-10 08:27:48 +0900 (火, 10 6月 2008) $ Toshiyuki Masui@pitecan.com